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25 October 2018 Davidson Shirley Solicitors Criminal Law

A new report carried out by the Scottish Government looked at data on robbery in the past decade.

“Robbery” is a category used by Police Scotland to describe crimes that are perpetrated in order to gain property. The study compares crime statistics from 2008-9 and 2017-18. The study found that the number of robberies almost halved in Scotland in within this period.

Furthermore, the “classic” scenario - where the victim does not know the perpetrator and the robbery happens in a public space - seems to be less frequent.

Here are some of the key findings of the study:

  • Fewer robberies happen in public spaces: 73 per cent of robberies occurred in public spaces, compared to 88 per cent a decade earlier. This shows that the majority still happen in public, however, this type of crime is much less common.
  • Fewer robberies are committed by strangers: Robberies in private spaces or committed by somebody known by the victim became more common, although strangers still commit the majority of robberies (63%).
  • The percentage of male victims dropped, and female victims increased: The majority (60%) of victims are still males, but the percentage of female victims increased by more than 10% (from 27% to 38%).
  • Perpetrators are less likely to be teenagers: The average age of perpetrators was 28 in 2017-8 while it was much lower, 23 in 2008-9. This shows a reduction in the number of young offenders.
  • Fewer assaults involve knives: Robberies in 2017-8 were less likely to involve knives or other bladed/pointed objects than in 2008-9 (dropping from 43% to 35%.)

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18 September 2018 Installation User - To be disabled on launch Criminal Law

According to the Scottish Government’s statistical report on the criminal justice system, both the rate of reconviction and the average number of reconvictions per person have been slowly decreasing since 2003. The statistics are based on the data of people who were released from custody in 2015-16 or received a non-custodial sentence during that period.

27 August 2018 Davidson Shirley Solicitors Criminal Law

A programme designed to rehabilitate male domestic abuse offenders, in addition to supporting the women and children affected, is being extended into six Scottish local authorities.

19 July 2018 Davidson Shirley Solicitors Private Client

A new report into intergenerational wealth transfer has found that over 11 million people aged between 25-45 in the UK expect to receive some sort of inheritance from their parents or grandparents, with nearly half (5.1 million) of these expecting to inherit at least £50,000 in fixed assets or money. 

13 July 2018 Davidson Shirley Solicitors Criminal Law

A call for evidence has been launched over proposed new legislation that aims to provide vulnerable witnesses and victims of crime with a better experience of the criminal justice system in Scotland. 

28 June 2018 Davidson Shirley Solicitors Criminal Law

Anti-fraud body Financial Fraud Action UK has issued a warning on the risks associated with acting as a money mule for fraudsters after a 26-year-old man was sentenced to a 12-month community order and 280 hours of unpaid work. 

15 June 2018 Davidson Shirley Solicitors Private Client

Acting as executor for an estate carries a great deal of responsibility, and while the majority of executries are completed without incident, complications can arise and executors can sometimes find themselves in a difficult and unexpected situation. 

25 May 2018 Davidson Shirley Solicitors Family Law

The Scottish Government has launched a consultation over a proposed family justice modernisation strategy. 

08 May 2018 Davidson Shirley Solicitors Private Client

The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has published a call for evidence and an on-line survey to gather information about people’s experience and perceptions of Inheritance Tax.  

26 April 2018 Davidson Shirley Solicitors Family Law

A woman has lost her right to receive life-long maintenance payments from her ex-husband, following a landmark decision by the Court of Appeal in England. 

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