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14 January 2021Davidson Shirley Solicitors Residential Conveyancing

Closing dates are a peculiarity of the Scottish property market. If you are buying or selling a home in Scotland, you are likely to come across this process, whether it ends up being used in your transaction or not.

21 September 2020Davidson Shirley Solicitors Residential Conveyancing

If you are buying or selling a flat, you might need to deal with a new health and safety aspect of the transaction – the EWS1. This form is the result of guidance issued by the UK Government concerning cladding on residential apartment buildings after the devastating fire at Grenfell Tower in June 2017. Although the guidance applies to England and Wales, the Scottish Government is currently referencing it until separate guidance for Scotland is published in Autumn 2020.

01 May 2020Davidson Shirley Solicitors Wills & Estates

Estate planning allows you to get ahead of your future and ensure all the appropriate documentation that divides your estate is in line with your wishes. Having a well-thought out plan will not only protect you should you lose mental capacity, but it will also support your family and causes close to your heart on your death.

01 May 2020Davidson Shirley Solicitors Wills & Estates

Making decisions is part of everyday life; from where we go when we step out the front door to who comes to visit us in our homes. You rarely consider a time where these choices will be made for you, and yet, the measures implemented as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis have left us all incapable of planning our next move.

01 May 2020Davidson Shirley Solicitors Wills & Estates

According to the Law Society, the number of people looking to write new Wills in the UK has risen by at least 30 per cent following the outbreak of coronavirus. Nevertheless, the process of creating and amending Wills relies heavily on face-to-face interaction, which makes the government measures to stay at home and self-isolate more challenging.

01 May 2020Davidson Shirley Solicitors Wills & Estates

We as a nation have entered into uncharted territory as a result of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. With our daily office trips and weekend activities stripped from our usual routine, we have been put in a state of unease about what we can and cannot do. 

01 May 2020Davidson Shirley Solicitors Family Law

Last month, government guidelines were announced to control the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK. As of the 23 March, the public has been told to stay at home apart from necessary food shopping, one form of exercise a day, and work for those listed as ‘key workers’. Part of the restrictions also included not meeting family members who do not share your home.

01 May 2020Davidson Shirley Solicitors Family Law

As China begins to get a glimpse of life on the other side of coronavirus, it seems that not everyone has been feeling the love during quarantine. It emerged that divorce rates in the country have soared, as couples were forced into spending time together in mandatory lockdown.

01 May 2020Davidson Shirley Solicitors Criminal Law

While all areas of business are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, essential services such as courts and tribunals must ensure minimal disruption to the lives of the public. The criminal justice system is an integral part of society, and as a result, has had to adapt and adopt new working methods to continue running. 

01 May 2020Davidson Shirley Solicitors Criminal Law

The COVID-19 outbreak has required organisations all over the world to adapt to new ways of working. The Scottish Criminal Courts are in the same position, and as an essential service, the courts must adopt modern technology to continue to function. However, unlike other businesses, the courts face the distinct challenge of balancing the right to a fair trial, with dispensing justice. 

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