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Dealing with a deceased’s affairs in Scotland

When a loved one dies, dealing with their affairs and the property they leave behind can be an incredibly difficult task, not only emotionally but also logistically. The legal process of winding up a deceased’s estate and sorting out their affairs is called executry in Scotland. Our solicitors have been guiding clients through this process for many years and are ready to help.

An estate can only be wound up by an executor. This is a person, or people, either appointed in a Will or by the court to act as the deceased’s legal representative. Once appointed as an executor, they need to apply to the court for Confirmation. This is the power to deal with the deceased’s affairs, such as receiving money held in bank accounts, being able to settle any outstanding bills and carrying out the deceased’s wishes as set out in a Will (if there is one).

Expert advice on Winding up an Estate in Scotland

The death of a family member or friend is always a difficult time. We therefore aim to take care of all matters arising from the person’s death in a sympathetic, speedy and efficient manner.

We handle all matters in connection with winding up an estate, including:

  • compiling an inventory of the deceased’s property and organising valuations;
  • calculating and paying Inheritance Tax liabilities (if any);
  • applying for Confirmation (i.e. probate);
  • in-gathering the estate from individuals, banks and other organisations;
  • settling unpaid bills, funeral expenses and legacies;
  • interpreting the terms of a Will;
  • sorting out legacies;
  • assistance dealing with claims made on the estate, whether by creditors or surviving relatives;
  • making arrangements for selling or transferring assets; and
  • making payments to residuary beneficiaries. 

Davidson & Shirley Private Client Solicitors Lanark, Hamilton, Carluke & Wishaw, Scotland

Our private client solicitors provide effective legal advice and assistance to executors when winding up a friend or relative’s estate. We are based in Lanark and assist clients across Scotland. Contact us today on 01555 662576 or fill out our online enquiry form to find out how we can help.

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