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Fighting your Corner, Protecting your Rights

If you or a loved one are being investigated by the police or have been charged with an offence, please contact us as soon as possible. Our aim is to get the best possible result for our clients, and the sooner we are involved, the easier it will be to limit any potential damage.

We have been representing the accused in courts throughout Scotland for many years. Our criminal law solicitors have a wealth of experience in all aspects of criminal defence work, and we deal with all types of prosecutions brought before the Scottish criminal courts – both the Sheriff and High Court. We have vast knowledge of the procedures and processes involved, and keep our clients informed of how matters are proceeding and what to expect next.

We provide a full range of services for all types of offences and criminal proceedings, including:

  • Road traffic offences, such as speeding, driving when using a phone, motoring fraud, careless driving, dangerous driving, driving without insurance, drink driving offences, drug driving offences, parking and other fixed penalty notice offences.
  • Breach of the peace, which covers any type of behaviour, including verbal or physical conduct, that is threatening or abusive and likely to cause fear or alarm.
  • Domestic disputes, including allegations of assault, physical violence or psychological abuse, breach of the peace or any other domestically aggravated offence.
  • Fraud offences, including allegations of business fraud, tax fraud, mortgage fraud, fraudulent trading, online fraud, motoring fraud and insurance fraud.
  • Drug offences, including unlawful possession, offering to supply, intent to supply and production of all classes of drugs.
  • Guidance on bail conditions, including reviews of bail orders.
  • Computer crime, such as possession of indecent images, sharing of indecent images of children, online harassment and offences relating to misconduct on social media, identity theft and other online frauds, and copyright theft.

We are ready to provide expert advice and representation at any stage, from attendances with clients in custody in police stations, during police interviews or identification parades to citations and court appearances. Contact us today for immediate assistance. We will fight your corner and make sure your rights are protected.

Defending Clients in Lanarkshire and throughout Scotland

We have considerable experience in cases such as assaults, drug offences, robbery, theft and fraud, public disorder, domestic disputes and road traffic offences. We know the main techniques employed by the prosecution and counter them with our own robust defence strategies. We respond quickly and closely scrutinise the prosecution’s evidence and interpretation of events. If there are mitigating circumstances, we will bring these to the prosecution’s attention. If there are errors in evidence gathering or in the prosecution’s narrative, we work quickly to bring these to light. We do this in order to highlight the deficiencies that undermine the case against our client. Where appropriate, we work to prevent matters being taken further, for example by demonstrating that there is no case to answer.

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At Davidson & Shirley, we provide robust and effective legal defence that gets results. Please contact us on 01555 662576 or fill out our online enquiry form at the earliest possible opportunity so we can get to work at securing you the best possible outcome.

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